Fotograf Martin Magntorn - the feel of wood, 2018

the feel of wood, 2018

Fotograf Martin Magntorn - quantity, 2018
quantity, 2018
Fotograf Martin Magntorn - unpleasant smell, 2018
unpleasant smell, 2018
Fotograf Martin Magntorn - art collection, 2018
art collection, 2018
Fotograf Martin Magntorn - completed assignments, 2018
completed assignments, 2018
Fotograf Martin Magntorn - Daddy Cool, released 2020, Breadfield Press
Daddy Cool, released 2020, Breadfield Press

The "Daddy Cool" project raises questions about how the subjective image of a relative can be re-examined in the encounter with other people's experience of the same person, challenging the boundary between fiction and reality. (Happy to announce that this project has been shortlisted for the Arles Photofestival 2018, awarded Hasselblad Foundation, Photo Book Grant, 2020, and grants from Swedish Author's Fund, 2020. Daddy Cool was also awarded the price Svensk Bokkonst at Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm 2021).